Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Job fair 2007

El 7amed llellah yesterday was faculties of Computers and Information job fair, really it was a good event, 69 persons were participating as organizers in fair, I were one of them J.really most of them have performed their role in a good way, and participate effectively in fair success

28 of those organizers were working in my team, actually their performance exceed my expectation, they are very skilled, self motivated and highly committed (Basm Allah Masha2a Allah)

I were participating in job fair 2006, in the same role (guiding registration, information desk, main gate and left up, down teams)
El 7amed llellah it was good, but this year we have played our roles perfectly, most of people didn't face any problem with registration, in the same time the information desk offers many valuable information and services for fair visitors, also main gate and left (up and down) guided visitors effectively to fair location,

Really I'd like to thank all my team members for their great efforts in this fair; also I don't like to forget to thank other heads and teams for their nice performance

Friday, July 27, 2007