Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mistakes and failures are good.

When you are young you just try things and fail until you learn. As you grow a bit older, you learn from - for example - school to not make mistakes. And you try less and less things.

This may cause you to stop being proactive and to fall into a habit of being reactive, of waiting for someone else to do something. I mean, what if you actually tried something and failed? Perhaps people would laugh at you?

Perhaps they would. But when you experience that you soon realize that it is seldom the end of the world. And a lot of the time people don’t care that much. They have their own challenges and lives to worry about.

And success in life often comes from not giving up despite mistakes and failure. It comes from being persistent.

When you first learn to ride your bike you may fall over and over. Bruise a knee and cry a bit. But you get up, brush yourself off and get on the saddle again. And eventually you learn how to ride a bike. If you can just reconnect to your 5 year old self and do things that way - instead of giving up after a try/failure or two as grown-ups often do – you would probably experience a lot more interesting things, learn valuable lessons and have quite a bit more success.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

كلام قهاااااوى

أزيكم يا شياب طبعا أنا عارف أنى بقالى كتييييييير قوى مكتبتش حاجه على البلوج هنا, كنت مشغول والله أعذرونى
المهم أنا بصراحه كنت داخل النهارده عشان أتكلم على حاجه بس لقتنى هتضطر أتكلم بلغه عامبه زى اللى أنا بتكلم بيها دلوقتى وهتخلى شكل البلوج مش كويس, أترددت شويه وبعدبن أفتكرت أنى عندى بلوج قديم كده مش بعمل بيه حاجه
فروحت مسمى البلوج ده كلام قهاوى ورحت كتبت عليه كل اللى كان فى دماغى:)
وقررت بعد كده أنى أسيب البلوج اللى أحنا فيه ده للكلام النظم المهندم العربى والأنجليزى
technical and non-technical
وأخلى البلوج اللى هناك لكلام القهاوى :)
أشوفكوا هناااك بقى