Thursday, March 01, 2007

Resolving conflicts inside teamwork

Teamwork may suffers from a lot of problems between team members such as misunderstanding, poor communication, selfish …etc

These problems have to be resolved because it is considered as obstacles in team success,
Some leaders like to face the problem bravely and try to resolve it in public meeting with all team members to make sure the problem won't occurred again with any other team members

While others like to keep the problem as local as possible and pretend there is no problem at all and let the time resolve the problem.
Resolving the problem in public meeting is a good way to end the problem early but in the same time it is risky as u may miss the control on problem owners so the problem become more complex, while letting the time resolve the problem and pretending there is no problem at all won't solve the problem, just it will keep the problem owners silent for sometime but sooner or later the problem will be explode
In my personal point of view we can obtain better solutions by merging between the two strategies, so u may face the problem bravely but in the same time u have to keep it as local as possible, so that we decrease the probability of increasing problem complexity and catch the problem early to not explode after a while
Resolving conflicts is a regularly one of the team leader responsibilities so he should be aware of all conflicts occurred between team members


amora said...

i used resolve conflicts with my team member using hitting

every time he kills me in the game i hit him in his shoulder,

now he is leaving the company. and he won't kill me in the game again

nyazy said...

what a way for resolving conflicts ;), if i were u, if i were u, I'd leave my current work then join with my friend's job so he can kill me again and again :)

P.S.: for the comment reader, this is my friend amr in work, we used to play games (Medal Of Honor) in break time, so don't surprise from reading STRONG word such as Kill, Hit, ...etc :)