Thursday, April 19, 2007

Commitment and knowledge

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" said Albert Einstein

Knowledge is limited but imagination is not, so person need for imagination more than knowledge

Albert Einstein didn't say knowledge is not important at all, but he said knowledge is important and we need it but imagination is much important

If we apply this concept in team work, we will find commitment is much important than skills, of course it will be nice to have skilled and committed persons inside team but in the same time person with low skill and high commitment is better than person with high skill and low commitment

Persons with low commitment are risky for team leader, because he can't guarantee the task with that person will be done successfully although person may be very skillful

In other side persons with high commitment do their best to perform their tasks even if they are not skilled enough for it,

Of course knowledge and skills are very important, and team that include committed and skilled members usually achieve success easily

but skilled and committed persons are not always available, so always try to select committed person even if he is not skilled enough.

"Commitment is more important than skills" said Ahmed Nyazy :D

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