Thursday, May 31, 2007

Computer Stupidites :S

One thing that many will run into in the computer industry, is employers who are rather clueless and yet don't necessarily realize this. In 1996, a friend told me about a boss he had that needed a C program written for him. After a week, the boss complained that the program wasn't done, and he asked my friend what was taking so long.

  • Friend: "The program is written, and I'm debugging it."
  • Boss: "What's wrong with you people? You make programming more difficult than it needs to be. I have Frontpage Express to write web pages with, and when I write code with it, I never need to debug it. If you were as good of a programmer as me, you'd never need to debug either."

  • User: "Hey, can you help me? My program doesn't work."
  • Consultant: "What is the problem? Are you using Turbo Pascal?"
  • User: "Yes, the program just blocks the machine."
  • Consultant: "Well, does it compile?"
  • User: "I don't know -- it just doesn't run. You see? There's the EXE file. If you run it, it blocks the machine."
  • Consultant: "And where is your source, the PAS file??"
  • User: "I wrote it and renamed it to EXE so it could run."
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