Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Short term planning V.S, long term planning

Well, today we will talk a little about differences between short term planning and long term planning

Short term planning means put a plan for one month, two months or 5ive months

Long term planning means put a plan for one year, two years or 5ive years

Long term plan is better than short term plan because experts say, when you write down a short term plan most probably u will achieve less than planed goals, in other hand when you write down a long term plan most probably you will achieve more than planed goals!!! It is not my words its planning experts words :)

Unfortunately a lot of people in my country (including me) are not skilled in long term planning, but they are perfect in short term planning and crisis managementL.
In my opinion that's for two reasons

  1. They didn't learn how to put long term plan
  2. They are lazy enough to not make a long term plan

I'm not depressed, but I believe the first step towards solving a problem is to define the problem bravely, so u may consider this post as problem definition :)

May Allah help me and other to overcome this shortage !!!


amr_mt said...

of course long term planning with a CLEAR VISION for the far future is very important but there is no point in differentiating between long term planning and short term planning... as short term plans are the terms towards achieving the long term plan... but what should be avoided is just putting short term plans without a vision of what big goal they're targetting

nyazy said...

exactly, that what i meant in my post, sure long term planning and short term planning are highly coupled, but as i clarified in post, long term planning is not easy at all, so most of ppl didn't make it :(