Friday, February 23, 2007

The Art of listening

You want to communicate with people well, then u have to learn the art of listening,

People by nature like to talk, and they feel better when they find someone can listen to them,

Listening is a magic tool for communicating effectively with people; listening makes people love you, and always like to talk with you so you can build strong relationship with them :)

You talk = You love me

I talk = I love you

I have tried it myself, in past I weren't know the importance of listening so I were always talking and dominate any discussion using my high talk speed rate, but I found many times I lose a lot of friends, and I don't know why,

But after reading in communication skills, I found I weren't listening to them well, so after learning the art of listening I have gain a lot of friends and build a strong relationship

So always…always…always try to listen for people


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