Sunday, February 18, 2007

Love, trust and skills = great team work

Three factors should be in any successive team work, love, trust and skills

Love means your success is my success, so whenever you make a good achievement I should feel happy for seeing it, no problem to do my best to make my task good too, but I should never feel annoyed from my colleague's success, without love team become hell.

Trust means when u said I'll do it I have to trust u, lake of trust make people in team fall in defensive mood to prove they are right (even if they are know their opinion is completely wrong) and turn most of discussion into battle

Skills means we can do it, team work should have minimum level of skills in work they are do, without these skills team work become not effective, and fail to achieve its goal

Of course these are not the only factors for successive teams but in my personal point of view these are the most important factors for building team spirit that push the team forward.

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