Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bad habits

In last post we have talked about habits and how it affect person's attitude, and we have agree that there are some good habits and other bad habits; here are some common bad habits made by people (most of these bad habits is extracted from power of focus book).

- Not returning phone calls in time

- Being late for appointments

- Smoking

- Poor communication between colleagues and stuff

- Sleeping in working time

- A lack of clarity about expected outcomes, monthly targets, goals, ..etc

- Not allowing enough travel time for outside appointments

- Handling the mail more than once

- Allowing bills to go unpaid, resulting in interest penalties

- Talking instead of listening

- Forgetting someone’s name sixty seconds after being introduced

- Hitting the snooze alarm several times in morning before getting out of bed :D

- Working long days with no exercise or regular breaks

- Not spending enough time with your children (if u have)

- Having a fast-food meals program Monday to Friday

- Eating at irregular times of the day

- Leaving home in morning without hugging your wife and children

- Taking work home with you

- Making reservation at the last minutes

- Not taking enough time off for fun and family

- Having your cell phone on all the time

- Answering the telephone during family mealtimes

- Procrastination on everything from filing taxes to cleaning out your garage

well, now how many habits you have are included in above list, for me I have more than 5 habits from the above list, but I’m asking Allah to help me in overcome it all,

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Anonymous said...

i've got 5 too :(