Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fast decisions

Are you a decision maker? are you used to take a decision in ur activities with ur colleagues? are u the decision maker in ur family?
if the answer is yes, so i recommend you to read the following article,

well, decision making according to wikipedia is a cognitive process leading to the selection of a course of action among variations;
everybody everyday, need to apply some sort of decision making process, what will you ( eat, wear, ...etc) are kind of decisions you take everybody,
of course difficulties of decision making process depends on criticality of the decision; for example, we can't give What will you eat today? decision a rank like who will you marry ? decision, of course marriage decision should take high rank of criticality because it is a strategic decision somehow.

but in the same time there is a factor affects most of decisions in our life, this factor is how quickly will you take the decision?
There are some people like slow decisions depend on quote that says " In haste there is regret and in taking time there is peace/safety" "فى التأنى السلامه وفى العجله الندامه" :D

While there are other people like fast decisions depend on quote that says "Fast and Good decision is better than Slow and Very Good decision"
of course there is nothing always right and there is nothing always wrong, but for me I like fast decisions, I don't deny, it may have some negatives, but I believe it is more effective than slow decisions.

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