Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bride from CIA :)

Yesterday I were talking with one of my friends, he is going to engage soon isAllah, forgive me I can't say his name in this post, because most probably you won't know him and I'm afraid he may feel angry from me,
By the way, I were asking him,
Me: What the last news?!
He: No new under the sun, Nothing!!!
Me: why ya 3am, enta mesh 7`alas ro7t wa kol 7aga tamam?!
He: Yes, but I'm still in waiting state :(
Me: waiting state, Kol da8, le8 ya3ni :O ?
He: I don't know man, I feel I'll engage bride from CIA :D

Heheheheheh, i wouldn't be able to control my self when i heard this statement, bride from CIA, really I don't know Why all this time is taken in thinking, for example in my friend case, I'm sure my friend is a good one (Masha2 Allah), polite, Moltzm, ...etc,
of course he may has some negatives, but nobody is perfect, and generally he is a good man (Mesh my friend b2a :) )
Of course I knew you will say now, you say that because he is your friend, but bride family don't know him, I'll say, you are right, but because we are Muslims, our marriage is controlled by Islam rules so Islam tell guy who want to engage or marry someone "أظفر بذات الدين",
In the same time, Islam tell bride's family "من جائكم ترضون خلقه ودينه فزوجوه"
so the issue is sho shimple (3ala ra2y wa7d sa7by) and needn't all that time


aven said...

Nice Article ya m3alem.

I like your blog, So Keep on bloggin'


Ahmed Nyazy said...

Many thanks dear,
it is the first time I notice there are audiences for my blog ;)