Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Money is not the most important thing in liFe

Al salamu 3alikom,
it was a long time since i have written a post in my blog, actually i don't know why i stoped writing although i have many topics and issues to talk about, by the way, el 7amed llellah i have came back to my audiances :D once againg,

last week i were mo3tkf in masjeed with my colleagues, and there i have met a small boy called Hossam, he is 10 years old, 3rd primiary school, he has a wonderful baby face, so kind and you feel happy while you are talking with him,
Hossam used to stay in masjeed not only in ramadan but in other months too (sam3eeen ya shabab ;) ) he love el masjeed much, he love el Salah much, in summary you can called him a good boy,
el mohem, we have stayed with Hossam much time in masjeed, and my friend shahway, asked me what is ur opinion in hossam, do u think can we let him join our programming for youth program (I'll talk about it later),
I said of course, we may let him join our program,
but he is so young, said el shaway,
No problem, we can manage this issue, i replied,
shway said, okay yalla convince him with the program,
i said OK

well, ya hossam, do u like computer,
Hossam: i have a computer
Nyazy: Nice, what are u doing with ur computer
Hossam: playing, programs, ...etc
Nyazy: Who brought these programs to you?
Hossam: El Naaaas !!!
Nyazy: Aywa, El naaass meeen ?!
Hossam: El mohendsat (Note: hossam has 6 sisters)
Nyazy: Well, do u like to make all these programs and games with ur self?!
Hossam: Slience....
Nyazy: who make your clothes?
Hossam: El Tarzy :)
Nyazy: Tamam, El Tarzy made your clothes, but there are ppl is reposnible for building programs and games you play with it
Hosssam: mmmmmm,
Nyazy: we are training young students like U, to be able to make these programs and games, do you like to join us?
Hossam: pointing with his head (Yes)
Shaway: well, so u can join us to learn a lot of interesting things, then being a great man(developer) when u become older
Nyazy: and in that time, u will earn a lot of money
Hossam: slience....
Hosaam: but money is not the most important thing in life!
Nyazy: mmmm
Nyazy: tyb, what is the most important thing in life?!
Hossam: El Salah (Praying) 2ham 7aga, el wa7ed youb2a sa7eto8 kwisa
Hossam: El Flooos mohma bardo8, bas mesh 2wy

mmmmm, actually i were exciting with hossam replies, i think i were thinking in different manner when i were in his age, may Allah guid him for pushing our Ummah forward


GameCanvas said...

Rabena yekremo ela saleh el 23mal isAllah.........

أسامة فاروق said...

ياريتك تكتبها بالعربي

nyazy said...

The main problem is i'm so slow in arabic typing, by the way I'll try isAllah

Y. El-Shaa'rawy said...

Well, I know a 13-years old boy called Yahia, when he was asked: "why did u joined a programming for youth course?", his replay was: "3alashan a3mel game, fa elle yegy men ba3dy, we yell3ab bel game bet3ty we yetbesset, a7'oud ana thawab enu etbassat"!!!

I know another 11-years old girl called Youssra that I've this conversation with here:
Youssra: mmken atlub menik talab?
Me: ah tab3an, 7’eer??!!
Youssra: ana nefssy ab2a mashhurra, fa fakart a3mel megalla ma7’susa ell attfal .. yekun feha koll 7aga tehemmuhum.
(I think I'm missing somthing here!!)
Me: mashhurra!!! Mashhuraa ezay ya3ny?!!!
Youssra: mashhura zay 3amr 7’aled keda.
Me: aaaaah, fehemt .. bass leh ya3ny ??
Youssra: ana neffsy a3mel 7aga gamda, we ell nass te3rafny menha .. fa akoun mashhura.
Me: enty 3arfa ell nass “ell mashhura” deh betkoun mashhura ezay??
Youssra: ezay??!!!
Me: ell nass de betshuf ell nass elle 7awaleha eh elle na2esshum we me7tagenuh, we lama te3mel lell nass elle huma ma7tagenu, taby3y ell dounya koooooollha bet2adarha .. bass huma mush beybtedu tafkerhum enhum 3ayzen yekunu mashhuren we 7’alass.
Youssra: mmmm.
Me: bossi, enty asdik enik te3mely 7aga mufeda ya3ny??
Youssra: aha
Me: tegy a3alemik programming we ezyay te3melly ell prameg we ell games benafssik??
Youssra (with a brighten eyes and 7amass) : mashy .. da ana mmken astafed menu lama atla3 docoret sydala iSA.
Me: hah!! Ezay?!!!!!!
Youssra: ha3raf ezay a3mel parameg terakebly ell dawaa bel nessab ell mazbuta, fa yekon ell dawaa beta3y metrakeb sa7.

Actually I was so surprised with those two kids, and with Hossam too. Not because they are interesting in programming or in the course itself. But having such vision and way of thinking in this early age is nothing but a very good sign for a much better future iSA. Rabina ye7mehum we yebarek fehum.

Ahmed Nyazy said...

Thanks yasmine for these stories,