Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Different interests

One of my best friends (llell2saaf) OzO, he is a young senior software developer working in Harf company,

all the day he is playing with mobiles, ringtones b2a, games, backgrounds and screen savers ta7t 2sm Symbian programming ;)

Although OzO my friend 6 years ago, but our interests are totally different, you can see that by checking his blog, it’s full of political and history posts while I’m interesting in human development and social posts;
you can imagine when we decided to visit book fair, he has bought books for Hitler(Kefa7y), Mohammed Hassanien Hayekel and other historical book, while I have bought books for Salah El Rashed, Tarek Swedan, Ibrahim El faky and other human development books (body language, communication skills…etc)

Although we have different interests, but we have minimum conflicts (el 7amed llellah J ); he has a baby mind, so sometimes he insist on strange things :D, but to be honest with you, I were the problem maker in most of situations ;)


GameCanvas said...

we all have different interest..and still friends..its live natural....

Ahmed Nyazy said...

e8 ya waaad da8, gabt el 3a2l da8 menen ;)

Postive Person said...

انا شايف ان الصداقه بين الاشخاص عامله زي الارتباط بين اتنين
كل واحد بيكمل التاني

بس اهم حاجه حبكم لبعض
ومهما اختلفتم اكيدوا هترجعوا تاني

بس شكلك كدا لسه عامل حناقه معه