Friday, December 14, 2007

Last day in QuickTel

Last thrusday was my last day in QuickTel, I have Joined QuickTel 14/8/2005 so I have spent more than 2 years there; I can remember my first days in QuickTel, when I have joined Class 5 Switch team, I were the youngest developer as all of them were engineers, so all of them were older than me; el 7amed llellah our lovely FCI has planted a self confidence inside us, so I have joined QuickTel team with a lot of self confidence in technical and non-technical prespective, so i weren't feel worry or a fraid from working with old engineers, but i were always trusting my technically and personal skills
But in other hand I can't deny that I have learnt a lot of things inside QuickTel, people there are very nice, kind and clevers; el 7amed llellah I have left them without making conflicts with any of them, of course sometimes I were missing control of my self and being nervous in work but generally I have a very good relationship and friendship with people there :)
Because of All Engineers in quickTel were older than me, most of them were looking at me as a young man with a little experience, but by the time I have gained their trust, all my team leaders, project managers and my colleagues were believing I were very effective and a key person in my work;
El 7amed llellah for all of things, I believe that without Allah support I weren't make anything in my life, so el 7amed llellah 7amdan kathyeeern mobarken fi8,
and I pray Allah for supporting me too in my new work


Postive Person said...

ربنا يكرمك يا رب ويوفقك في الدنيا والاخره ويعزك بالاسلام ويعز الاسلام بك
كلامك جميل اوي بنطلع منه بحاجات حلوه

remember us in your do32k

Ahmed Nyazy said...