Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm feeling sad :(

Yesterday I were making interviews in FCI-CU for people whom wanna to join Oracle company (under ESEA umbrella).
In interviews, I have met clever people, and in the same time I have met NOT clever people, but this is not the issue, while interview I have met someone FCIans graduate (2003) cairo university,
I were surprised, as we supposed fresh graduate and that man has 4 years experience :O
I have started the interview with him by simple questions, technical and non-technical and after a short time I realized why he wanna to get this job
He joined Army Service in 2004 as an officer for 3 years and he has just finished the service in the begining of 2007;
he nearly has no professional experience, plus army pushed him to lose 90% from his technical skills, after short minutes, I were totally sad, I were frustrated not because he joined army, but because they have taken him and didn't make anything useful with his knowledge, JUST they push him to forget everything he has learnt in FCI :((
of course ma7desh 3arf el 7`eeer feeeen, but I were very disappointed, and I were totally eager to let him pass the interview but unfortunately he is unqualified :((
Finally, I have give him some advices about different tracks he can take, and needed skills for each track and asked him whether he wanna to ask about anything, then he left!
I'll have extra interviews in next tuesday and thrusday isAllah, I hope to not face the same situation once again
May Allah help us (ALL) to find the right direction!!!


Hesham said...

Al Salam Alekm

indeed...this is really a problem. I realized that i may face this problem just now :(

what can we do to avoid this? i am really sad about that...and for sure my friends will be worried also :-S

I dont want to say "Disappointed", I must do my best till this moment come, but ...
I am sorry to say that every time i face negative thing... "This is Egypt", I really want to change this fact about egypt... but its only about our attitude... is it the true thinking to leave egypt "As is" and live outside it or start fixing what every one can fix?

There is a quote saying:
"It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living."
IMP this is from the main reason of problems in any where.

Please Excuse Me for this "Big" comment :) ...

Thank you

Ahmed Nyazy said...

wa alikom el salam,
thanks for your comments, look, generally ma7desh 3arf el 7`eeer feen, Only Allah knows the best direction for us, so all what you need to do is doing ur best, and praying Allah for guiding you to the right direction,
that's all in my personal point of view,