Friday, December 14, 2007

Reset Your Mind

A lot of times I hope I have a reset button like any computer or machine so I can reset my mind,
Is it strange?!
yeah I'm talking seriously, I believe every person has a brain (processor) and memory (RAM) capcity that highly affected by different situations, so he will need to reset his mind to be able to refresh his mind, resort thoughts and take the right decision,
for me I claim I have a not bad capacity in brain and memory (El 7amed llellah) but when I face a lot of situations with extra details I hardly need to reset my mind, I'm usually doing that by sleeping!!!
yes, sleeeeping, after a short sleeping I feel I have reset my mind, I can re-organize my thoughts and many new ideas come to me.
to be honest with you, I haven't any scentific proof for that, but really I believe sleeping is considered my personal reset button.
El 7amed llelllah that we have this Ne3ma :)

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