Saturday, November 17, 2007

فرح أسلامى ولا جاهلى

Month ago one of my friends (Hussieny) had called me, he was inviting me for his wedding :)
My Friend: Al salamu 3alikom
Me: wa alikom el salam wa r7mat Allah wa brkato8
Me: Hussieny, 3amel e8, e8 27`bark wa 27`bar el sho3`l ...etc
My Friend: el 7amed llellah I'm fine, hope u are fine too
My Friend: I'm inviting you for attending my wedding next monday isAllah
Me: congratulation, Bark Allah lakoma wa bark 3alykoma wa gam3 bynkom fi 7`eeer
Me: but is it fara7 Islamy wala Gahly
My Friend: Gahly 7adretk isAllah :D

wallahi 2na b2a mesh 3arf, actually i were taking a decision for not attending non-islamic celebration once again, and attend islamic wedding and celebration only.
I believe this decision may let some of my friends feel annoyed and angry but May Allah support me to apply it.


Anonymous said...

alsalmo alikom wa rahmat allah
U r right in your opinion ,7afazak allah ,but you can be more balanced u can go el fara7 7ata low 5 minutes to make your friend happy wa tabarakloh ,and after that you can go out and not listen to sings.

Ahmed Nyazy said...

wa alikom el salam wa r7mat Allah
mmmm, looks good, but the main problem is if i stayed 5 minutes, he (and my friends) will ask me for staying more 10 mins, then one hour, then 2 hours ...etc
by the way, I'm believe in this idea,
thank you!