Monday, November 05, 2007

Technology and our social activities

There is no doubt that technologies has affected our life heavily cars, personal computer, mobile,...etc are samples of mandatory devices for all people
so in old centuries they had used carrier pigeons to send their messages, last century people used regulare message (Gwabat) for sending messages, but nowadays we are heavily depend on email for exchanging messages,
even in marriage issues, in 3antr wa 3abala days, 3antr used to go 3abala's home for seeing her (of course 3abala's father couldn't punish 3antr because 3antr was a strong man :)),
in 20th century people were depending on regulare mails (Gwabat ya3ni); but nowadays you may marray or engage someone by sending him email or even sms :D
In the same time you may wait the reply in email, sms or even missed call ;) .
In summary, technology makes our life better!!!

p.s: do u remember my friend beta3 bride from CIA, 3ala fekra8 he is still waiting till now :)
he has told me when he tried to send email to his future bride isAllah; she didn't give a reply and when she decide to reply she sent an aggressive one, t2reban wallaho 23lam she consider email as 7`lwa, of course she won't read my posts because she didn't know me asasn, but I like to say in high loud email is NOT considered 7`lwa wallaho 23lam. :D

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