Monday, November 05, 2007

I have learned this lesson

In person life, he have to deal with a lot of people, family, relatives, friends, colleagues, ...etc, everybody has his/her own personality, habbits, thoughts and attitudes, you may like some of it, and may dislike other,
anybody look for habits and attitudes from his/her prespective, so you may like a habit or attitude and in the same time you find your brother or friend don't like it
of course there are a set of bad habits like smoking and procrastination, but I'm talking about normal habits and attitudes,
usually person spent a lot of time in fighting to change other people attitudes and habits but in most cases they fail to change it, because people are convinced with these habits and attitudes; and are not ready to change it (don't forget we are talking about normal habits and attitudes)

I were one of people that spent a lot of time fighting to change other persons attitudes and habits to fit with me, but i have discovered that's not 100% true!!!
because I have wast a lot of time in fighting with them to change their attitudes and habits in a time I can live and adapt my self with it.
I have learned to live with people as they are, with their habits, attitudes, thoughts, ...etc
as long as these attitudes, habits,...etc are 7alal and mo7trama,
in other words I learned to enjoy my life with people as they are; and not spending a lot of time in fighting for change NOT bad attitudes and habits

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