Monday, November 19, 2007

Leaving QuickTel

isAllah by the end of this month sadly I'll leave Quicktel, I have spent in QuickTel more than two years, I have gained a lot of technical and non technical experience,
people there are very good, El 7amed llellah I have built a lot of friendship there and gained many true friends; also I have a good relationship with my managers in QuickTel, they have just told me today, we are planning to let you travel China :) for doing some work with our partners there, but I told them I have taken the decision and give a commitement to the other company
isAllah I'm going to join NTP Software (fi rawaya o7`ra Critical Sites :) ), they are mainly working in networking and security applications
I hope I can do a good job with them isAllah.
Please PRAY for me

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GameCanvas said...

Rabena yofa2ak isAllah...