Sunday, November 18, 2007

Feeling tired

Many duties, many work and many challenges…
I should take care while I’m working with person X and I should take care while I’m talking with person Y and I should take care too while I’m dealing with person Z in a time X, Y nor Z don’t care about all of that!!!

long time ago I have used to play the same role, and el 7amed llellah I can do it perfectly, BUT I’m a human and I have a right to feel tired,
In the same time, if I look around myself, I can’t find the persons who should stand beside me in that time,
I don’t need a help, I don’t need for task delegation even I don’t need them to share the pain;
I need to feel I’m not standing alone, I need to feel there are some bodies worry about me, I need to feel they are there!!!

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Anonymous said...

yes ,your feeling is normal ,all people pass that feeling when they are tried or 2laneen el moham dah sho3or tab3y gaden,but you must believe that there is some one or more akade mohtamen beek,but you forget them ,

a person that doesn't know u