Thursday, November 29, 2007

Love Proposal by a Software Engineer

Months ago I have read a post on Egypt-Developers forum with title love proposal by software engineer, actually it was a very funny one, i think it is another prove that most of software engineers dem3`8om metr23a :)
Read and Enjoy :)

Just know that the love I have for you
Is not to be put in a stack or queue

Like a variable in an infinite loop
Be in my heart always and never stop

My heart is like a port, unread,
and the love I have has only one thread

You are in my heart's RAM and not in the cache

So if you won't respond, my heart will crash.

Like an application that is stand alone,

I'm a programmer who earns a lot on my own

And my request is clear, without any encryption

And hope it is not void, that you return.

If Java can be linked with C Or
if e-mails can be sent for free

Why on earth can't you and me

For the rest of our life time together be.

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