Saturday, November 17, 2007

under siege

Nowadays my family decide suddenly to perform some maintenance and decorations in our flat;
bas ya sidi, they took this decision wa 3ynek matshooof ella el noooor :( my simple life become a hard one, I can see dust and sand all the time, asasn I hate dust but I can see it everywhere even on my poor notebook :((. I can't perform my regular activities such as stretching, check internet, update my blog, ...etc. in summary this DECISION put my life under siege
In other hand some workers are really lazy, and don't perform their work in a good way so they spend a lot of time in easy job :((
The most ugly part in this story that, there are some events (in Square 1) should be made nowadays but sadly this decision postponed it :((

Please, PRAY for me :(

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Anonymous said...

My God make it over for important actions to take place